Company profile

SAPORT Ltd. the design and static office was established in 2008 with the aim to improve services in the field of projection and design of supporting constructions.

SAPORT Ltd. offers the clients complex range of construction services. We specialize in statics of the buildings - designing of supporting structures, construction, technical and financial supervision of investor during the realization of construction. We also deal with project development for reconstruction of apartment houses.

We cooperate with many authorized architects, structural engineers, construction companies, producers of steel and prefabricated constructions.

Company profile

Our services: Stavoport s.r.o.

Complex design services:

  • Architectural study.
  • Documentation for zone permission.
  • Documentation for building permission.
  • Tender documentation.
  • Implementation project.

Statics nosných konštrukcií:

  • Project documentation of supporting structures of buildings.
  • Production documentation of prefabricated structures.
  • Production documentation of steel structures.
  • Verification of load-bearing structures in terms of mechanical resistance and stability.
  • Technical advice on the supporting structures of buildings.
  • Optimization of support constructions.
  • Restoration of historic buildings in terms of static structures.

Services for constructors:

  • Author’s supervision.
  • Construction, technical and financial supervision of investor.
  • Documentation for building permission.
  • Expert opinion in construction.
  • Mortgage valuations and valuations for legal purposes.

Complex reconstruction of apartment houses:

  • Project development for reconstruction of apartment house with specification of measurement, which is necessary for selection of the implementation company.
  • Technical support by selection of supplier of construction works.
  • Technical, financial supervision of investor (apartment owners).
  • Introduction of the system for final delivery of the building.
  • Technical support by taking the building over.